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Finding Bigfoot Game

Finding Bigfoot
  • Developer: Cyber Light Game Studio
  • Genre: Survival horror
  • Version: 4,0
User Rating: Rating 4.75

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Release Date
Jan 30, 2017
Cyber Light Game Studio
Cyber Light Game Studio
Survival horror
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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Evangeline Farrington

With a growing population of over 7 billion people on Earth, chances of running into a Sasquatch is very slim. But that doesn’t stop the dedicated Sasquatch hunter from trying. Is a mobile game play Finding Bigfoot that is available on iPhone and Android devices that allows you to embark on a fictional search of Sasquatch. Is a 2D side-scrolling Finding Bigfoot game download that is very easy to play.

Finding Bigfoot a massively multiplayer online in which player's goal is to find and capture Bigfoot. Game is divided into two different modes: "Hunt" and "Find." Player starts out in "Find" mode, which is a more passive mode with no time-limits. Can find out information Finding Bigfoot download about Bigfoot & surrounding area, as well as learn about the different tools and wildlife in the area. The "Hunt" mode is more aggressive, with a time limit. Is tasked with locating and capturing Bigfoot in order to keep him from moving further away, earns points for each second they are able to keep him in captivity.


Finding Bigfoot apk is a 2D side scrolling game with pixelated graphics & animations. Graphics in the game are not too detailed, but animations are still smooth, game is not too laggy. Graphics in Finding Bigfoot free download are not best, on game, you can see the ground, trees, other objects. Is in 3-D, can be played in 3-D. Has a realistic and detailed graphics download Finding Bigfoot that make the game much more unique. Players can explore the wilderness in a first-person point-of-view and also from the sky with a bird’s eye view. Graphics are surprisingly well-done. They are in 3D are very detailed, making the environment seem very realistic. Graphics are not too realistic, however, which gives the game a cartoonish feel.


The player will start out controlling a character that can be customized by changing outfits and hair styles. Player can switch characters and costumes at any time. The player has to explore the map Finding Bigfoot play online find various Sasquatch clues on the map. This can be done by interacting with the environment or picking up objects. Is a puzzle game. The player must find clues to find Bigfoot. Can go to different locations and must solve puzzles. Player can use a map to find different locations. Is really fun to play.

Gameplay is simplistic but difficult. Must find the elusive creature within a certain of time or before the sun goes down. Graphics provide play Finding Bigfoot free an interactive experience  make the game more challenging. Gameplay is very fun engaging. The different modes provide a nice change gameplay is smooth and responsive.

Is a point and click adventure Finding Bigfoot PC where the player is a member of the Sasquatch Research Team. Throughout player is tasked with finding Sasquatch on the map. To do so, player will have to find Sasquatch sound recordings, track down Sasquatch sightings, follow up on Sasquatch activity. Player will also download Finding Bigfoot PC have to answer questions to be able to proceed. Gameplay is simple & easy to get the hang of. Player can click on different icons to find more information about a certain topic. Player can also click on items in the environment to get more information.


Player can play the game either as a team or as an individual and can choose from different camera angles. There are not many features for multiplayer but the player can take on the challenge together with friends.


Is a game Finding Bigfoot free download PC that can be easily completed in one sitting, so after completing the game, player will not want to go back and play again. The player must complete the game within a certain amount of time or the sun will go down and the player will lose, so the game replayable. Graphics make more interesting provide a more interactive experience. Is very replayable because of how different the two modes are, and because of the variety of tools that can be collected used to capture Bigfoot.


  • How do I start the game?
    Begins when you tap the button that says "Start Game."
  • I'm being attacked I don't know what to do?
    There are a few things you can do. You can either throw a rock at the creature, throw a stick, or try to run away.
  • I found an animal. What do I do?
    Not all animals are "Bigfoot." Is an animal you know, then you can name it, or if it is an animal you don't know, then you should wait for the next update to see if it is "Bigfoot."
  • I'm out of rocks. How do I get more?
    You can go to your backpack and get more rocks.


Finding Bigfoot is an entertaining and fun game that is simple to play. Is very short and is not replayable but the graphics make up for it. Install Finding Bigfoot is the perfect game to play in a short amount of time, it is free.


  • Fun and entertaining;
  • Captivating;
  • Cute graphics.


  • Short;
  • No background music.

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